According to the Redanian Intelligence portal, Netflix may cancel one of The Witcher's spin-off series. The report refers to a separate show about the Rats gang that Ciri joined.

Initially, the creators planned a full season of 6–8 episodes, but the team was only able to shoot two episodes before the streaming service refused to sponsor the continuation. The fate of the filmed material is unknown: it could be released as a feature film or incorporated into the fourth season of the main series, or it may remain shelved indefinitely.

The Witcher the RatsImage: reddit.comNews of The Witcher spin-off series about the Rats gang surfaced in November 2022. The series was supposed to air between the third and fourth seasons of the original show. The mention of the series has also disappeared from one of the actor's resumes. Redanian Intelligence believes that the filmed material will be added to the fourth season of The Witcher as flashbacks. However, it is possible that Netflix may ultimately decide to release a separate episode or film about the gang. However, the show will definitely not be released in its originally planned form.

Previously, Netflix announced that The Witcher would conclude with its fifth season. In the fourth and fifth seasons, the role of the witcher Geralt will be played by Liam Hemsworth, replacing Henry Cavill, who starred in the first three seasons.

Main image: Ensiplay