Valve has announced updates to the refund rules on Steam. Now, one of the most famous loopholes is nerfed into oblivion. The change pertains to games with so-called advanced access — the new term which describes the situation where players can engage in gameplay while having an advantage of dozens of hours over regular players, for instance, by purchasing the Deluxe edition.

Now, what you spend in this window of exclusivity will contribute towards the two-hour limit — if not exceeded, users can request a refund. Earlier, this counter did not work before titles were officially launched. That led to some ridiculous cases, such as people spending hundreds of minutes, getting all the content of the game and then refunding the money. With advanced access, such correction looks justified.

The change does not affect early access games — for them, standard rules still apply: if the title was not playable before release, you'll have a refund granted if you didn't spend 120 minutes in game and requested the money back within 14 days after the release.

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