While FaZe Clan keeps being one of the most recognized brands across all of esports, the business side is far from ideal. After disastrous move to enter NASDAQ, FaZe Clan discovered itself in a desperate situation. Because of that, the organization brought back the OGs of FaZe Clan, Temperrr and Banks.

After that, the club entered the reboot stage. They changed the visual style of their socials and website, teasing big changes to the organization. 

However, for the club that is suffering from heavy cash bleeding, more drastic changes are needed. As a result, seventeen content creators were let go. Among them are H1ghSKy1, Rain, Nate Hill and Blaze.

In total, fourteen content creators remained with the organization, and recently, FaZe Clan announced a couple of new additions, Silky and plaqueboymax.

It would also be logical to assume that such drastic changes will also touch esports. There are already rumours regarding the Counter-Strike 2 roster of FaZe Clan, but no official announcements have been made yet.

Main image: alphacoders.com