The second stage of the PGL Major Copenhagen has started in the capital of Denmark. The sixteen best teams played two best-of-one matches, and some upsets did happen.

It is uncommon when the team that comes out of the Opening Stage (former play-in) is stronger than teams that had the privilege to skip it. It is possibly due to the fact that they have already adapted to all tournament conditions and atmosphere. FaZe Clan and Team Vitality lost their first matches against Heroic and Eternal Fire, respectively. Yet, they managed to come back and finished the day with a not great, not terrible result of 1-1.

Two of the biggest heroes of Thursday were MOUZ and Complexity. Both teams rather unexpectedly went 2-0, and in the third round, they will face each other for a spot in the playoffs.

Two of the three Brazilian teams went 0-2. FURIA lost its matches against G2 Esports and FaZe Clan, while Complexity and were stronger than PaiN Gaming. The third team, Imperial, had two matches against teams from Eastern Europe. While they defeated, they couldn’t do anything against donk and Team Spirit.

Tomorrow, we will see four best-of-one matches in 1-1 brackets and four best-of-three matches. Two teams will earn their playoff spots, while two teams will be eliminated. The schedule for Friday is as follows:

  • G2 Esports (1-1) vs. Cloud9 (1-1)

  • Heroic (1-1) vs. (1-1)

  • Eternal Fire (1-1) vs. FaZe Clan (1-1)

  • Imperial (1-1) vs. Team Vitality (1-1)

  • MOUZ (2-0) vs. Complexity (2-0)

  • The MongolZ (0-2) vs. PaiN Gaming (0-2)

  • Team Spirit (2-0) vs. Natus Vincere (2-0)

  • ECSTATIC (0-2) vs. FURIA (0-2)

Main Image: PGL