Since the Counter-Strike 2 release, players have been asking Valve to add left-handedness to the game. However, this has not been implemented for half a year. Now, the wait is over, and players got their ViewModel option.

Game developers also greatly improved the buy menu. First, they added the option to pick up dropped weapons straight from the menu. We've already seen something like this in VALORANT (there, you can directly buy weapons from a player), and it is a great quality-of-life upgrade. Secondly, the players will learn game economy better as they will have the minimum possible earnings in this round shown in the same buy menu. That helps in building up team strategy (whether to go eco or force buy).

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Valve also decided to change the competitive map pool. They removed Overpass as casual fan favourite Dust 2 is back. The question arises: why would devs remove Overpass because they poured lots of resources into its rework? We have maps like Mirage that feel stale and could be completely reworked. Also, Inferno received mid adjustments; now the map looks clearer and less claustrophobic to play.

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