The third day of the Elimination Stage at the PGL Major Copenhagen brought us some spice. No, we’re not talking about some backstage drama. We’re talking about stakes that will be higher and higher.

While half of the teams were still playing best-of-ones in the 1-1 bracket, some of the teams were fighting either for a great opportunity or for survival. PaiN Gaming managed to stay in the tournament for one more day at the expense of The MongolZ, but their fellow countrymen FURIA weren’t as lucky.

We also know two teams who went 3-0. Team Spirit is considered one of the biggest favourites to win the whole tournament, and they are doing extremely well. We can’t see any signs of their major weaknesses. Team Spirit is joined by MOUZ. While MOUZ doesn’t have such a big status, they are still a very strong team using all their opportunities in Copenhagen. 

The biggest upset of the day was FaZe Clan, who lost their match to Eternal Fire in a devastating manner. Turkish players lost only one round, and Faze Clan will need some time to reset themselves.

Tomorrow, we will know three more teams that have reached the playoffs and three teams whose dreams will be shattered. From this point, it will be only more and more interesting.

Main image: PGL