The Swiss group at CS2 Major is a tricky thing. After just one day, you may find yourself on the brink of elimination. PaiN Gaming lost their matches to Complexity and yesterday, so the match against MongolZ was critically important, as the loser goes home. 

This match was a thriller. The teams won their picks, but both times, it was a close fight. However, on Inferno, we saw triple OT. Both teams had their chances, but in the end, PaiN Gaming was triumphant - 2:1 (9:13 on Mirage, 13:10 on Nuke, 22:19 on Inferno)

PaiN Gaming is still in the tournament: the Brazilian team is now 1-2, and Heroic will be the next opponent. The loser is eliminated, while the winner will get the opportunity to fight for the playoff spot.

The MongolZ did a great job and earned one extra spot for Asia on Shanghai CS2 Major. The team finished PGL Major Copenhagen in the 15-16th position and earned $20,000 of prize money. 

The first Major tournament in the history of CS2 will last until March 31.

Main image:PGL