PGL Major Copenhagen proved to be an unpredictable event. The third quarterfinal between Natus Vincere and Eternal Fire split the community in their predictions. Both teams played well in the capital of Denmark, and everyone expected a close match.

Indeed, we had one. Despite the final result of the match being 2:0 in favour of Natus Vincere, we had two close maps (16:13 on Mirage and 13:9 on Inferno) where both teams had their fair share of chances. 

If we speak about the difference between the two teams, excellent performance from the w0nderful was the key factor in the victory. The nineteen-year-old Ukranian player was unstoppable, and his ace on Inferno was the icing on the cake.

Natus Vincere moves on to the semifinals of the first major in Counter-Strike 2 history. Tomorrow, the Ukranian club will face G2 Esports. Eternal Fire finishes the tournament in 5-8 place, which is a great result for the Turkish squad. The champion of PGL Major Copenhagen will be crowned this Sunday.

Main image: PGL