The first day of the PGL Major Copenhagen was a disaster for FURIA. However, in best-of-3 matches, the Brazilians managed to stabilize their game and won three matches in a row. Today, in the last day of the Opening Stage, they beat SAW 2:0 (13:7 on Vertigo, 13:7 on Ancient).

This match was a triumph for Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo. The legendary IGL did an outstanding performance with 45-20 as his K-D, 107.7 average damage per round and 1.68 rating!

This victory makes FURIA the final team in the Elimination stage of the PGL Major Copenhagen. The Brazilian powerhouse will face G2 Esports in the first round of the new Swiss group. This match will be played in a best-of-one format.

SAW is eliminated and finishes the tournament in 17-19th places, together with GamerLegion and Legacy. Each team earned $10,000 of prize money.

The first major in the history of CS2 takes place in Copenhagen on March 17-31. Eight best teams will play in the Royal Arena. The prize pool of the tournament is $1,250,000. 

Main image: PGL