For a long time Counter-Strike Major tournaments have been not only the celebration of the greatest players in the world but also the source of new in-game items. Stickers with logos of participating teams and players' signatures add lots of style to the CS2 skins. Due to the recent update, stickers can now be placed anywhere on the gun, and that might lead to some beautiful combinations.

Unfortunately, the traditional sticker capsules are delayed. Usually, Valve released them four to seven days prior to the start of the tournament. However, we now have the Opening Stage in the books, and stickers from PGL Major Copenhagen are yet to appear in the game.

Oliver "zipeL" Behrensdorff, the co-owner of ECSTATIC, shared in his X (ex-Twitter) account that Valve asks players to redo their signatures, which causes a delay.

What’s wrong with the initial signatures? Well, the original concept of player stickers was that they would look exactly the same way as the players give their fans autographs in real life. However, since then, in order to increase sales and earn more money, many players turned to designers and asked to create some special "autographs". This went out of control quickly, and now Valve asks players to come back to the roots.

Since some players didn’t come up with their own signatures before the Major, Valve asked them to leave physical signatures during the event. If that’s the case, then we should get stickers soon.

Main image: alphacoders