The second stage of the PGL Major Copenhagen is the place where all the powerhouses step into the fight. Sixteen teams enter the Elimination Stage but only eight will move on to playoffs. Here is the information you might need for the next four days.

Elimination Stage format

Elimination Stage is a Swiss system, similar to the Opening Stage. The first two rounds are best-of-one matches, and then eight teams with 1-1 result will play one more Bo1. Those teams who will have twos in either wins or losses will play best-of-3 promotion or elimination matches respectively. This format helps to both save time and bring the best performance out of competitors. 

Elimination Stage schedule

Two matches will be played simultaneously during first three days. The fourth day will have three Bo3 matches that will follow each other.

March 21, Thursday

First round:

Second round

  • Four 1-0 matches (Bo1)
  • Four 0-1 matches (Bo1)

March 22, Friday

Third round

  • Four 1-1 matches (Bo1)
  • Two 2-0 matches (Bo3, winner moves on to playoffs)
  • Two 0-2 matches (Bo3, loser is eliminated)

March 23, Saturday

Round 4

  • Three 2-1 matches (Bo3, winner moves on to playoffs)
  • Three 1-2 matches (Bo3, loser is eliminated)

March 24, Sunday

Round 5

  • Three 2-2 matches (Bo3, winner moves on to playoffs, loser is eliminated)

The total prize pool of the first Major tournament in the history of Counter-Strike 2 is $1,250,000. The eight best teams will play in the Royal Arena in Copenhagen.

Main image: PGL