Skyesports has revealed additional details about the upcoming 2024 Masters tournament, which will be the largest CS competition ever held by an Indian organization. The dates have also been announced. The tournament will take place from April 8 to April 14. The prize pool is quite substantial, amounting to $350,000.

However, something remains unknown: the venue of the tournament. But it coincides with the schedule of IEM Chengdu. At the Chinese tournament IEM Chengdu, ten teams from the top-20 will compete, including the world's number one team, FaZe.

Six international teams will be invited, while the remaining two slots will be determined through qualifying rounds. Six European teams will get to the championship by invitation. Additionally, one slot for Europe and one for India will be contested in regional qualifiers.

The anticipation is related to the potential impact of this event on the development of the Indian Counter-Strike scene.

Skyesports Masters will be the second CS2 tournament hosted by the Indian company. Before this, the Skyesports Grand Slam, a LAN tournament with a prize pool of $48,500, is scheduled for next month in Pune. It will feature four teams.

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