The second quarterfinal of the PGL Major Copenhagen was worthy of a grand final. Two of the biggest tournament favourites faced each other and showed the world a top-notch Counter-Strike.

The first surprise of the FaZe Clan - Team Spirit match happened during the map veto phase. FaZe Clan decided to leave Vertigo in a map pool, even though it was their permanent ban map. Everyone knew that Team Spirit was not successful there, as Donk didn’t show his true potential. It was a risk, but this risk paid off.

But before we move to Vertigo, let’s talk about the first two maps. Team Spirit picked Mirage, but FaZe Clan was more than prepared for it and won it 13:7. In return, Team Spirit won Nuke, which was picked by FaZe, 19:16. This was a really close match with momentum swinging between the two teams.

The same situation happened on Vertigo. FaZe started strongly, but Team Spirit managed to deny seven map points, bringing one more set of extra rounds. The fate of the match was decided on the last second of the thirtieth round when FaZe pulled up a clutch victory - 16:14.

FaZe Clan will face Team Vitality on Saturday. The winner of this match will move on to the grand finals.

Main image: PGL