Three Brazilian teams entered the Elimination Stage of PGL Major Copenhagen, but unfortunately, one of them is already out of the tournament. In the Opening Stage of the CS2 Major, FURIA managed to pull a comeback from 0-2 to 3-2 and move on to the second Swiss group. However, the same trick doesn’t work twice.

FURIA struggled on the first day of the Elimination Stage: the Brazilian players went 0-2, so the match against ECSTATIC was their moment of truth. After a loss on Overpass (7:13), FURIA managed to win in the overtime on Inferno (16:14). However, on Ancient, ECSTATIC was unstoppable. We can especially say that about the T-side of the Europeans, where they won eight rounds in a row.

Once again, FURIA struggles in the second stage of the CS Major tournaments. Last year in Paris, FURIA also went 0-3 and was eliminated relatively early in the tournament. Considering that FURIA is the Brazilian powerhouse, it would be interesting to watch the organization decide its roster for the future. There is little chance that the management of FURIA is satisfied with such a result.

Main image: PGL