The final day of the PGL Major Copenhagen Opening Stage can be considered the most dramatic. Six teams fight for survival but only three of them will move on, while the hopes of three losers will be completely shattered.

The first match of the day was between Legacy and The MongolZ. It is worth mentioning that this match determined not only the participant in the Elimination Stage, but would also bring one more Shanghai Major slot for their region. So, the stakes were really high and both team gave their everything on the server. However, there was one clear winner. The MongolZ outplayed their opponents and won the match 2:0 (13:9 on Ancient, 13:6 on Anubis).

Ayush "mzinho" Batbold was simply unstoppable: he finished the match with K-D stats of 36-24 and 1.49 average rating across both maps. On Ancient, he brought destruction to the map, making 25 frags and dealing 103.1 average damage per round. Legacy couldn’t neutralize mzinho, and The MongolZ will join 13 other teams in the Elimination Stage. 

Legacy finishes PGL Major Copenhagen in 13-15th places and earns $10,000 of prize money. Two final slots of the Elimination Stage will be determined in the ImperialGamerLegion and FURIASAW.

Main image: PGL