The Verkkars, a Finnish rap duo that has gained iconic status in the Counter-Strike community, will visit PGL Major Copenhagen and perform on the big stage of the Royal Arena in the capital of Denmark. It was announced by the PGL, the event organizer.

The duo will perform on the last day of the event, this Sunday. We don’t know the exact track list of their show, but we may assume that the audience will hear the fan favourite hits "EZ4ENCE" and "Flashbang Dance".

The Verkkars consist of Tomi Tamminen and Iiro Paakkari, and together, they create different music in between popular genres. Although we call them a rap duo, it is not one hundred per cent correct as they also work in pop and EDM genres.

Several of their tracks are dedicated to Counter-Strike and its notable community members. They have two music kits in Counter-Strike 2, and Flashbang Dance was recorded together with n0thing, a popular North American player, talent and caster. 

Main image: Cyber