Gamers eagerly anticipated the Counter-Strike 2 update, but reality fell somewhat short of expectations. The overnight patch by Valve on March 14 introduced team graffiti for PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 participants and a virtual pass, yet many were disappointed by the lack of desired stickers.

What's New?

  • team graffiti for PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 participants;

  • virtual spectator pass (Viewer Pass);

  • changes in the Pick'Em system.

💰 Basic Viewer Pass with graffiti, Pick'Em Challenge, team logo on SteamTV: $10 Bundle with three souvenir tokens at a 5% discount: $18 Participation in Pick'Em requires Prime status. To receive rewards, activate the pass before the next championship stage.

CS2 PGL Major Copenhagen passImage: youtube.comThe main disappointment for gamers was the absence of player autograph capsules in CS2. Valve promises to add them later, likely due to stricter autograph submission rules. Half of the sticker revenue will be distributed among the players and participating clubs of the event.

Stickers and graffiti have long been an integral part of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive culture. These virtual items allow players to express their individuality, support their favorite teams, and immortalize memorable tournament moments.

Main image: Ensiplay