Counter-Strike 2 players report a massive wave of cheater bans after a recent title update. At the time of writing, Valve hasn't responded or issued warnings. Many users on X (Twitter) and Reddit claim cheaters are getting banned in hundreds within seconds during matches. User ‎Gabe Follower managed to record a video showing 9 out of 10 teammates getting banned.


These bans are hidden and untrackable via the Steam API. The community has reacted more positively than negatively. Players ironically call the developers geniuses who managed to bypass the system and initiate a large-scale game cleanup from dishonest players only now.

Many express relief and gratitude to Valve for decisive action, noting the cheater situation in the game was extremely dire until now. Others fume that the studio hasn't officially confirmed the cleanup. Overall, players confidently support the new punishment system, agreeing the actions are effective.

Main image: Ensiplay