Counter-Strike 2 is such a game that takes a slow approach to upgrading. Currently, there are not many maps besides the current competitive pool. While we know that Valve is working on it, there are also members of the community who do their job to make the game better.

Shawn Snelling, aka FMPONE, was one of the creators of the original Cache, the Counter-Strike: Source map that took CS:GO by storm. He was doing its maintenance and visual upgrades in the CS:GO times, and it was a no-brainer that he would do a CS2 upgraded version. Recently, FMPONE shared some images of the new Cache.

According to the map lore, Cache is situated in Pripyat, Ukraine. As the Chornobyl Power Plant is situated nearby, the location seems abandoned, bringing a unique vibe empowered by Soviet-style decorations.

Many players love Cache, and a big part of the community wants it back into the Counter-Strike 2 competitive map pool. While it will not happen any time soon, it is great to see that the work is in progress.

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