A player with the nickname CZXA1 has presented a hyper-realistic map called Lost Coast for Counter-Strike 2. The author used 8K textures to create it. The author suggests using it to test PC performance. The landscape of the location is truly beautiful: a canyon on the seashore. CZXA1 generously shared the map with the public, making it free. 

CS2Image: steamcommunity.comYou can evaluate this technical marvel in the Steam workshop. The announcement has generated a wave of curiosity in the Counter-Strike community, and players are already exploring the vast location. They even joke in the comments about realizing it's time to change their graphics card.Others write suggestions for improvements or about the bugs they've found.

Interestingly, many players report that despite the stunning level of visual quality, the map is surprisingly well optimized and capable of providing a smooth frame rate. Many noted that a high FPS can be achieved even on mid-range components. For example, a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti can deliver 60-120 frames per second.

 Main image: steamcommunity.com