Being a professional player doesn't always mean you are a guru when it comes to technical aspects. However, when we talk about Ropz, a superstar player representing FaZe Clan, we are sure that he is one of the most knowledgeable persons in the Counter-Strike professional scene.

There are jokes that Ropz is even secretly working for Valve as a CS2 developer, that is how his technical base is respected. The Estonian player is one of the more loyal players who is ready to help and make the game better, so hearing his disappointment with the current state of Counter-Strike 2 is an unpleasant surprise.

In a recent interview, Ropz stated that currently CS2 "is not in a good place". The first major problem is the optimisation because average computers are not good fps-wise at running the current version of the game. And when you have problems with that at tournaments, well… that is definitely the point to work on.

Ropz also wished for better support of community servers and upgrade to tick rate as the current state of sub-tick model is disappointing.

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