Ubisoft has shut down the servers for the racing game The Crew, which launched 10 years ago. This was confirmed by users in the game's Reddit community. The game is now unplayable on any platform, as when a company decides to discontinue support, players lose access to the product they purchased.

The Crew serversImage: reddit.comThe developers removed The Crew from Steam back in December 2023. At the time, Ubisoft emphasized that after August 31, 2024, the game would be unavailable on any of the previous platforms PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Amazon Luna. This was because the simulation required a constant online connection to launch. 

In January 2024, YouTuber Ross Accursed Farms Scott announced that he plans to sue Ubisoft over the shutdown of The Crew servers. He wants to prepare a class-action lawsuit from gamers to set a precedent and prevent the recurrence of similar situations with other Ubisoft games.

The Crew is a racing game where drivers explore the open world of the United States in a car, with a cooperative mode, which is why the community has come to love the action.

Main image: ubisoft.com