Ubisoft revoked licenses for The Crew from some game owners in the Ubisoft Connect launcher. As proof, players posted screenshots showing notifications of losing access to The Crew, with Ubisoft suggesting they "check the store to pursue their adventures."

It seems that Ubisoft has only revoked licenses from some players, not all. The principle behind this is unclear at this moment. Among those who had the game revoked are residents from both the United States and European countries, so it's not region-specific.

There is dissatisfaction online with Ubisoft continuing to mistreat owners of The Crew. While there is an understanding for the decision to shut down game servers, some players believe that it is illegal for the company to revoke the game license without warning for a game that people have previously purchased. So, the question is not only about The Crew but about such practice. Users are also calling for support of blogger Ross Scott's initiative against it.

Main image: alphacoders.com