The Crew: Motorfest launched on Steam last week, and three days after its release, the reviews have been already turned off. The game was mercilessly review-bombed as players decided to show their thoughts about the shutdown of the original The Crew servers.

You can say that lately, Ubisoft has been in conflict with its audience regarding the ownership of games. In the user agreement of The Crew: Motorfest, it is stated that players do not own the game. Instead, Ubisoft is just licensing them and can revoke access anytime. Considering that some users were thinking of a lawsuit after Ubisoft revoked access to the original The Crew, this option seems legally safe but a deal breaker for many players.

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At the time of writing, The Crew: Motorfest had only 46% of positive reviews on Steam. Most negative reviews mention this situation in one way or another, including those who directly give links to the "Stop killing games" petition.

It is unclear how the Ubisoft management will respond to this, but this might be a big case in the future of the gaming industry.

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