The Valorant Champions Tour Stage 1 is in full swing, and all four major regions are entering the playoffs. The format of the groups in these leagues is quite untrivial. Because there were eleven teams in each region, the tournament organizers decided to split all teams into two groups, but there were no matches among members of one group. All games were between the teams of different groups, and after that, the six best teams moved on to the playoffs.

The group stage in the Americas has recently finished. The main intrigue of the last day was the fate of the two lowest playoff seeds. G2 Esports could afford to lose to LOUD to 0:2, but the total round difference had to be 12 or less. LOUD was in a must-win situation. The match ended in a way that suited both sides.

The first places in the groups went to South American teams: KRU Esports and Leviatan were stronger than their opponents and earned the right to skip the first round, and we will see one of these teams in Shanghai. They will be joined in the double-elimination bracket by the winners of the Cloud9 - G2 Esports and 100 Thieves - Loud matches. The playoffs start on May 9.

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