Last week, there were several huge esports tournaments. One of them is VALORANT Masters Madrid, the first big international tournament of the VCT 2024. Eight teams from four regions competed for $500,000 and valuable championship points that would help them qualify for the main tournament of the season, VALORANT Champions.

Fans were eager to see some international battles, and they were not disappointed. Sentinels came back at the top and gathered lots of hype along the road. Their in-game bundle was one of the most sold, and many people came to see Sentinels play.

The grand finals between Sentinels and Gen.G broke the record of the most watched VALORANT match in terms of peak concurrent viewers, with over 1.6 million people watching. The match itself was very dramatic, and all five maps were required to determine a winner. Sentinels were losing 1:2 but managed to overcome the odds. The American team won $250,000 of first prize and 3 VCT Championship points. Gen.G finished Masters Madrid second, and Paper Rex was in third place.

Main image: Riot Games