Sometimes, critical bugs mess up your map rotation. Riot Games was forced to remove Split from VALORANT matchmaking until a fix is deployed. In their official X (ex-Twitter) account, Riot Games highlighted two massive bugs that might heavily impact the game.

The Omen bug, on the one hand, is worth mentioning because people might be confused during their matches. On the other hand, this is not as critical as the Split exploit. While Riot Games, for obvious reasons, did not go into deeper specifics of this exploit, we suppose it has to do something with the fact that Jett or Raze can leap to the top of the wall near A site, which gives an outrageously unfair advantage.

In some ways, it might be compared to the infamous Olofboost in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, where Fnatic used a bug on the Overpass map to cover about half of the map from CT respawn, and attackers could do nothing about it. While we don't know the patch release date, props to Riot for immediately acknowledging the problem and preventing the possible exploit.

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