As in most existing games, Valorant has its share of toxic players. Although it's usually sufficient to mute and report a player, the developers face a never-ending battle in addressing the issue. Valorant has systems in place to ensure players are disciplined fairly. However, some believe the current in-game penalties are "not enough".

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On a Reddit thread, a Valorant fan expressed their frustration, explaining that they are tired of players ruining their games. They called for harsher penalties to combat the problem:

There must be a way to punish those who ruin games. It's not enough. I'm tired of realizing in the first 3 rounds of a ranked game that someone on our team finds it amusing to sit in spawn, rush at the enemy team with a knife, deliberately lose in 1v1 situations, and completely spoil the whole game.

Players complain that after such experiences, they no longer feel like logging into the shooter. It's understandable: who would enjoy spending time with toxic people?

Valorants fans want harsher punishment for toxic playersSource: Reddit

In the comments, other users supported the author's post, indicating that Valorant's developers should consider how to modify the punishment system for toxic players. Previously, users praised the developers for their swift action against abusive messages in chat.

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