The Guard in Valorant was one of the three teams that earned spots in the international leagues after the VCT 2023 season. However, they lost their spot in the North America tier-1 league because they didn't sign an agreement with Riot Games in time. This news was shared on the game creators' social media.

Not only will The Guard not move up, but no team from the VCT Ascension Americas will get promoted to VCT Americas 2024. So, the 10 teams from the 2023 season will remain the same.

Even though the Valorant roster secured their spot for the VCT Americas, people thought the team wouldn't leave the scene. Sadly, that might not be true.

According to VCT rules, The Guard was supposed to play in the tier-1 league next season. To do this, the team had to sign a certain contract. But after several months of discussions, The Guard representatives didn't do it on time.

The VCT 2024 season starts in February. Joining the international EMEA and Pacific leagues are Gentle Mates and Bleed Esports, who won their respective Ascension tournaments, just like The Guard.

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