The latest addition to the Valorant agents' roster, Clove, will join the pro scene with a delay. They were supposed to be eligible for esports matches in the second week of Stage 1. However, due to the discovered bug, Clove will remain illegal for an unspecified amount of time.

Valorant developers did not specify the bug details, so there is room for speculation. Most likely, it is connected to their ultimate, "NOT DEAD YET". The intended mechanic of this skill is Clove resurrects after being killed and should, in a short amount of time, score a kill or a damaging assist. However, there are bugs with resurrection: sometimes, Clove loses their weapon, and sometimes, the character model remains in the game despite dying. Such bugs are critical to the competitive scene, so it is unsurprising that Riot Games wants to play it safe here.

This controller agent might find its niche in the professional scene, but it is too early to think of that because top players did not have enough time to thoroughly study all the limits and possibilities Clove brings to the game.

Main image: Riot Games