One of the biggest incidents in the history of the competitive Apex Legends recently happened. During the ALGS Regional finals in North America, a hacker named Destroyer2009 planted cheating software on Genburten and ImperialHal's computers during the event. 

Such a security breach immediately raised lots of concerns from players across the globe. EA and Respawn did not rush with their statement in the first 48 hours, but later, the game developer posted an update from the development team:

Respawn stated that the first series of updates to increase security was deployed. Considering that some players immediately uninstalled Apex Legends because of possible vulnerability, the reputational damage to the game might be serious. For example, it is still unknown the amount of data that has been put at risk or what could be possibly through the exploits.

The game development team will have quite a headache, and it will be a long road to regain players' trust, as the damage has already been done.

Main image: Apex Legends