One of the most decorated players in the history of the competitive Apex Legends has found a new home. Rick "Sharky" Wirth, together with Isaac "Wey" Gorial and Dylan "Prycyy" Price, have been signed by

Sharky is most famous for his time with Reignited and DarkZero Esports, where he won the ALGS 2022 championship. His fellow countrymen are less decorated, although Prycyy earned some big money by placing sixth and seventh in ALGS playoffs splits one and two, respectively.

For, this is not the first time that the club has an Apex Legends division. The Bears had a European roster that could potentially win some big tournaments, but the pandemic disrupted the whole competitive ecosystem. Since 2020, many big organisations left Apex Legends, and it looked like the scene is shrinking. However, this year, some big names returned, including Natus Vincere.

It might be connected to the Esports World Cup. While Apex Legends is not announced as the official game of the event, there are rumours that it will eventually be there. Whether it is true or not, good luck to the Australian trio.

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