The Breakthrough season starts in Apex Legends on February 13th. To mark this occasion, a gameplay trailer was published.

It's also worth checking out what awaits players in the new season.

A legend upgrade system will be introduced. It resets with each match, allowing players to adapt their character to their playstyle. By earning EVO, you can increase your armor category and unlock unique upgrade options. EVO points are awarded for various actions, such as dealing damage.

Body shields will no longer be loot items and cannot be found on the ground. Instead, every character will have personal armor, which will increase in capacity as it levels up.

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EVO harvesters will start appearing randomly on each map with a delay activation during the first ring. EVO caches – a new rare loot item containing pure EVO – will also appear. There will be a ratings reset.

With the launch of Breakthrough, each player will start with 1 RP. The level requirement will return to 20. The scoring system will move to a more transparent model. An improved system of ranking points will return.

A new map will be introduced. On current-gen consoles, a new performance mode will be enabled – 120 Hz.

Main image by ensiplay