When your mouse turns off, it is not the reason to stop playing. During the Valorant Championship Tour 2024 America, 100 Thieves faced Cloud9. During round 16 of the Bind, the in-game leader of 100 Thieves, Boostio, had experienced one of the biggest nightmares of the professional players. His mouse stopped working. 

Because it happened in the middle of the round, there was zero chance of replaying the round. So what would you do if you had the same trouble? Boostio, as the true leader and mastermind, rushed forward first so his teammates could successfully trade his life. 

Cloud9 were retaking the spot in a four-versus-four situation, and this technical trouble basically brought them an advantage. However, the plan went through, as Boostio was traded, and 4v4 turned first into 2v2 and then to round victory for 100 Thieves.

After the round, Boostio stood up and brought good old trash talk to his opponents. The morale of 100 Thieves reached its peak as the team went on to win the whole match 2:0. Community have not created the nickname for this highlight yet, but this round is for sure memorable.

Main image:x.com