As we live in the golden age of competitive multiplayer games, there has been always a demand in statistical tools that make you better. However, it seems like not everyone can use these tools in a right way and more often than not it may lead to terrible experience for both the user and their teammates.

Recently, Valorant players had a heated discussion where statistical services like Blitz were bashed because, in their opinion, they ruin games. With stats overflowing players tend to create hierarchy based on K/D ratio and other key indexes. And these stats aren't always reflecting the true impact on the game. Moreover, it may lead to a false image of your own skill level.

Especially that affects in-game communication as top fraggers tend to claim themselves as in-game leaders while they are not necessarily the best suited persons.

Krux, ex-R6 coach who now works in Valorant spoke on the matter:

When I worked in T1 esports as an analyst this mentality would also affect my players. But more so their own performance “my KD sucked that game I must be terrible” kind of attitude. We had to have some players disable their scoreboard (which unfortunately isn’t viable in valorant). Some players would ask to see their stats and I would refuse to give them.

If pros are affected negatively by seeing stats then it’s unfortunately gonna plague amateurs even more.

While the idea of eliminating stats services is extreme itself, it should be a reminder that numbers don't lie but it is people who interpret them, and people may be wrong. 

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