On January 13th, registration for the open LAN tournament FRAG/MENT for Valorant began. Each team was required to pay a $425 entry fee, and the total prize pool of the tournament was $10,000.

Two weeks after the announcement, representatives of Fragadelphia disappointingly conveyed the sad news. Within 12 days, not a single team had applied to participate in the upcoming tournament.

The situation turned out to be quite comical. The organizers encouraged teams to register for the tournament and jokingly said that otherwise, they would have to hold a CS2 championship. The situation became even more comical when the audience supported this suggestion.

Eventually, the joke turned into a real Counter-Strike 2 tournament. The CS/DO tournament carries the amusing slogan "VALORCANT WAT CSDO". In the first three days, 3 teams registered for the championship, although the payment conditions and rewards did not change. CS/DO will take place from March 15 to 17 in Philadelphia, if at least 4 teams participate.

Main image by ensiplay