For the first time since its release, a new weapon, the Outlaw, has appeared in the team shooter Valorant. It was added to the game with the release of patch 8.0. The new weapon was presented on the official website.

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The Outlaw is a mid-priced sniper rifle. Its main feature is the ability to quickly fire two powerful shots in a row, but it has a long reload time of 3.8 seconds. The cost of the Outlaw is 2,400 credits.

The sniper rifle also has unique sound effects. The developers, while working on the Outlaw, specifically created these effects for both full and partial reloads. As a result, when planning to engage in combat or coordinating actions with the team, players will always know for sure if someone nearby is reloading the rifle.

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In addition, different animations were created for reloading, so that full and partial reloads have distinct differences. This will help users to better orient themselves.

The creators wanted the Outlaw to stand out even more. Therefore, the rifle fires bullets more akin to shotgun shells than those used by other sniper weapons.

Read more details about the new weapon here.

Main image by ensiplay