First, let's understand who VTubers are. V-tube (or Vtube) is short for Virtual YouTube, and a content creator in this format is a VTuber. The main difference from the traditional format lies in the appearance of the streamer. Instead of a real camera recording, viewers see a 3D model processed in real-time using motion capture technologies. The choice of virtual avatars is vast, but cute anime girls are often chosen, which is not surprising since the trend originated in Japan.

The tournament among VTubers was recently held during the three-month Valorant festival in Japan, named Riot Games One. A few days prior, the teams had training matches. Participants from various different productions were selected in turns by the team captains, including girls from Hololive.

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For example, Ayame Nakiri, with 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube. In the quarterfinals, her team won a challenging 3 vs 4 round with a ninja bomb defuse. Ayame's team was considered the tournament favorite (with no losses in training matches), but they were defeated in the semifinals and the match for third place.

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The winning team was led by Himawari Honma – a VTuber from another production, with 700 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

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The official broadcast on YouTube alone amassed 1.2 million views, plus an additional 700 thousand on Ayame and Himawari's accounts.

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