In many games, there are toxic players who can spoil the mood and even the impression of the game. Unfortunately, LoL is no exception, as it is full of people ready to demean another player for virtually no reason.

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Given this, League of Legends is notoriously known for its longstanding toxicity. And, according to streaming star CourageJD, it is the absolute worst community in gaming.

In his February post, CourageJD began criticizing League of Legends players, calling them unbearable and stating that the community is the worst on the Internet.

Many users agreed with this post, sharing their own unfortunate experiences playing League of Legends. Some have abandoned the game because the situation hasn't changed over the years. Many explained that the problem isn't only with LoL, describing similar issues in other games by the developer, such as Valorant.

On the other hand, while it's fair to say that the LoL community has its flaws, some argue that the communities of Call of Duty and Overwatch are far more toxic.

Despite all this, Riot Games continues to take action against toxic players.

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