Before we had several other great video game adaptations, Arcane set the high bar of how it should look. The first season of this animated series, which is based on the lore of League of Legends, brought many emotions not only to the hardcore fans of MOBA but also to the outsider viewers.

That's why we heard many happy voices when season two of Arcane was announced. However, the ending of it might not be that happy. Ella Purnell, who voiced Jinx, shared her emotions after the recording session.

I actually just went back into the studio to complete some ADR for the season 2 finale – and I cried. So, I think other people will cry, too. It's devastating, and nobody will feel good after watching it.

A lot of rumours sparked that season 2 might be the final stop in the story of Jinx and Vi. Considering that League of Legends have more than 160 different champions, and we've seen only a dozen of them, it would make sense for the story to move on. However, it is not worth it to think about it now, when half of a year is left before release. In this case, it might not be a smart strategy to search for spoilers. It might be better to wait, relax and enjoy the ride.

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