With the Mid-Season Invitational approaching, it is time to talk about potential meta there. Patch 14.8 for League of Legends will be the official patch for MSI. While the update will arrive on April 17, the lead gameplay designer already did a preview of what is going to unfold.

While most of the changes should not have a great impact on meta, as these tweaks are not that strong. There is one big change that will make a great impact on the meta in Chengdu.

With the 14.8 update, the ultimate ability of Mordekaiser won't be cleansed by Quicksilver Sash. White developers think that the Iron Revenant now has too much counterplay; such change might be too impactful as it leads to great tactical moves.

Imagine Mordekaiser ulting on the enemy jungler and thus preventing them from killing the dragons or Baron Nashor? Or may he simply isolate the enemy damage dealer while standing in Zhonya's Hourglass? These tools might be too strong in the hands of professional players, so we should expect that many teams would instaban Mordekaiser or instapick if he somehow survives the first ban phase.

The Mid-Season Invitational will occur on May 1-19 in Chengdu.

Main image: Riot Games