Riot Games shocked the entire gaming community with a massive staff reduction. This week saw a wave of layoffs, affecting over 500 studio employees. It was a shock for the entire gaming community, and the studio's fans reacted particularly sharply.

The consequences of such cutbacks appeared very quickly. The development of new champions in LoL and other content has noticeably slowed down, and this is just the beginning of the catastrophe. The layoffs hit the artists who had created the game's unique style over many years. Now, they are forced to finish their projects before leaving.

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For Riot Lexica, which is responsible for the release of new champions, the reduction had the most significant impact. Work on the release of Smolder and Skarner continues, but the release of subsequent champions will be delayed indefinitely. The production of all visual content took a lot of time and effort, and now content will be released even less frequently.

The situation was exacerbated by the fact that the employees themselves were unaware of the dire consequences of the layoffs for some time. The initial information about the layoffs was scant, and Riot's workers did not know what they were facing.

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