Riot Games has revealed a change in the ranked system of League of Legends with the start of the second split of 2024. 

Starting from May 15th, the protection system against demotion within divisions will be removed in LoL. Previously, players reaching 0 LP could lose a couple of matches without losing their rank, but after that, the system would demote them to the previous tier with 50 LP. 

Now, this will no longer happen—points will be lost based on post-match metrics. For example, if a player loses a match and loses 25 LP, having 15 LP left, they will end up with 90 LP after the demotion. A similar system will be implemented for promotions within divisions in the future—presumably, it will arrive later with patch 14.11.

However, protection against demotion between ranks (e.g., from Platinum to Gold) will continue to work. Players will lose between 25 to 75 points depending on their internal MMR—developers hope this will smooth out losses for players at the threshold between ranks and put more pressure on those who unfairly obtained a high rank.

The first ranked split of the 2024 season will conclude on May 14th. The start of the second split will coincide with the release of update 14.10, scheduled for May 15th. 

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