Imagine you are the owner of a team that has already been eliminated but has a match that is just a formality. To say mildly, the morale is not high, and you're still on the ride to the trenches of losses. What will you do? 

The owner of Zero Tenacity, the Polish LoL team, decided to sub himself in the last match. Hebihime (that is his nickname) took the mid-role against Los Heretics, and… Yeah, you guessed it right, Z10 had a textbook loss. Despite Hebihime having a decent stat of 0/2/6, the difference came exactly from the mid.

After the game, Hebihime stated that he wanted to shake up the team. The sports director of Z10, however, was against that decision. These two posts sparked a discussion of what is ethical and what is not.

When you don't have any motivation in a tournament, competitors sometimes might do crazy things. For example, Dota 2 teams may draft unconventional heroes. In chess, there is even a tradition of so-called Berlin draws where players quickly achieve three-fold repetition in a seemingly competitive manner. However, once ex-world champion Magnus Carlsen and chess streamer Hikaru Nakamura played the infamous "double bongcloud" game, which caused lots of drama.

But this might not be the argument here. The point is that in Group A, besides Zero Tenacity, three teams went 4-2, and if the Polish team showed full strength, it could influence the outcome of the group stage. Also, the question is whether such a move disrespected the mid-laner of Z10. There is a possibility that Riot Games will investigate the situation, but now it is more of a funny story, especially considering Hebihime was name the MVP of the match.

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