The Brazilian League of Legends circuit, CBLOL, is entered into the playoff stage. Two teams have already fallen into the lower bracket and will not have the privilege to lose the match. But before we move to recent results, let’s remind you of the format.

The Spring Split of CBLOL consists of two stages: group stage and playoffs. In the former, ten teams were playing each other in the round-robin, but only six teams moved on to the playoffs. Liberty, Fluxo, FURIA and INTZ were eliminated after the group stage and finished in places from seventh to tenth, respectively. 

The best six teams are all starting playoffs in the upper bracket, but here is the catch: number one and two (KeyD Stars and LOUD) got the free advance to the second round, while teams from third to sixth places started their playoff in round 1.

Last weekend, we saw PaiN Gaming defeating KaBuM! Esports 3:1 and Red Canids destroyed LOS 3:0. As we mentioned earlier, both losers have not been eliminated yet, and they still have the chance to qualify for the Mid-Season Invitational. However, their path will be much more difficult now: KaBuM! and LOS need to win four series in a row, which is not an easy feat.

This week, we will have matches between PaiN Gaming and Keyd Stars, as well as LOUD - Red Canids. Winners guarantee top-3, losers will drop to KaBuM! and LOS.

Main image: CBLOL