Riot Games announced the exact date when most League of Legends regions will receive a new anti-cheat called Vanguard. For almost the entire world, Vanguard will become mandatory on May 1, when patch 14.9 will be released. However, players on the Philippines server will get Vanguard a patch earlier, on April 17 with the 14.8 update.

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Vanguard was first introduced with Valorant, another game developed by Riot Games. The company states its effectiveness because it runs on a kernel level, and cheaters not only get their accounts banned but also receive hardware bans, which are tougher to evade. 

However, Vanguard raises great concerns regarding the privacy and safety of users. While kernel-level anti-cheat might be an effective tool in cheat detection, this level of access also means that, in theory, Riot Games may gather a lot more information and do a lot more things than the company declares.

Now this anti-cheat moves to League of Legends and PC-version of TeamFight Tactics. While the developers wrote a big blog post explaining many nuances around Vanguard, the best summary is a phrase in the Q&A section: "If Riot hasn't earned your trust, do not run our software."

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