Since their introduction, these pets have revolutionized the gameplay of junglers. They have the ability to clear camps and flexibly use early ganks or participate in strategic counterplays through power farming or counter-jungling.

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The advantage of these jungle pets lies in their resilience, manifested in the form of healing and shields, allowing jungle champions to clear camps with a health reserve. But a good balance is necessary.

So, what changes are awaiting jungle pets:

  • Heal increased from 12 – 35 to 14 – 37
  • Epic monster base damage cap reduced from 16 – 40 to 15.5
  • Epic monster damage cap is now affected by the normal health, AP, AD, and resist ratios
  • URF treat breakpoints reduced from 20 and 40 to 10 and 20

This change is balanced by significant damage reductions, with the maximum damage dealt by jungle pets reduced from 40 to 15.5. This change aims to limit the dominance of these pets in the early and mid-stages of the game.

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Damage limitation can be increased by the usual health, AP, AD, armor, and MR ratios. Although jungle pets will gradually transition to later stages of the game, a significant part of their capabilities in the early or mid-game will be reduced.

It is currently unknown when exactly these changes will take effect.

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