One of the big League of Legends regions, Vietnam, is facing one of the darkest pages in its history. Riot Games published the names of 32 players and staff members who are currently suspended until the internal investigation concludes.

All eight teams are involved, so now the whole VCS Spring split is put on hold. Team Secret, GAM Esports and Team Whales have two suspects each, while eight Rainbow Warriors members, including their head coach and manager, are on this list. 

It is worth noting that none of the aforementioned players are one hundred per cent guilty. This suspension will last until the investigation concludes, and it is possible that some people will prove their innocence. However, suspensions in every VCS team are shocking by itself.

VCS will announce the details of league resumption later, and currently, it is impossible to even try to predict the outcome. Some people say that VCS is at risk of being shut down completely, and this is something you can’t exclude. We will keep you in touch about further announcements.

Main image: League of Legends