The rivalry between Gen.G and T1 has become the newest LCK classic. The two strongest South Korean teams once again faced each other in the grand final of the League of Legends 2024 LCK Spring Split.

Before the match, Gen.G won three LCK splits in a row, and they were tied with T1 (who, under the tag SK Telecom T1, were dominating in 2015-2016). The fourth win would break this tie and set a new world record. 

The main rivalry, of course, was in the middle lane, where Chovy and Faker once again led their teams with incredible moves. And the fight between the greatest player right now versus the greatest player of all time was intense. Teams exchanged victories, and it all came down to the Silver Scrapes - the infamous music track that precedes game five. 

In game 5, the key factor was K'Sante, who was left after the second ban stage to Gen.G, and Kiin made the difference, as Gen.G once more lifted the trophy.

This match set a new record for the LCK peak concurrent viewers. More than 2,650,000 viewers tuned in to watch this historic match. The previous record was over 1,500,000 viewers during the LCK 2023 Spring Split, which adds more importance to today's legendary final.

Both teams qualified for the Mid-Season Invitational, but T1 will start the tournament from the play-in stage.

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