As all the League of Legends professional leagues get closer to their end, the stakes get higher and more drama arises. In LCK, a South Korean professional league, the current World champions, T1, surprisingly lost to Hanhwa Life Esports. The loss is not a surprise, but the fact that T1 was swept 0:3 is.

However, there might be more reasons than just a weakness of T1. In the post-match press conference, Faker shared that his team has been facing DDoS attacks for quite some time. 

For more than a month, LCK faced a big wave of DDoS attacks. They had an impact on the matches (the league had to move some of them to the pre-recorded mode), and while LCK has found a way to establish an offline server for the official matches, several T1 players were DDoSed during their live streams and practice matches. Eventually, that led to poor preparation and, as a consequence, poor performance.

Despite the loss against HLE, T1 still has the chance to win the tournament. In the lower bracket, Faker and his team will face Dplus. The loser will be eliminated.

Main image: alphacoders